"I will work tirelessly to improve the lives of everyone in Mansfield"

About Steve

As a long-time resident of Mansfield, I have witnessed first-hand how lives change for the better when we have a Labour MP and Government.

As a parent with children in Mansfield during the 1997-2010 Labour Government, I saw the profound impact that action by Labour in government can have on working-class families. It gave my family access to high quality education, the lowest NHS waiting times ever and a growing economy that made our lives better.

I want to inspire the people of Mansfield with a fresh message that Labour is on their side, upholds their values, and wants them to win.  I have the drive and resilience to win here and the values and experience to match.

Our shared values are under threat right now. We have a Tory MP who doesn’t live here and doesn’t act in our interests. For 13 years we have had Conservative Government that has failed us.

Like many areas across our country, Mansfield isn’t thriving right now,  but it can with a Labour MP under a new Labour Government. 

As a volunteer, active member of our party and lifelong trade unionist, I have always strived to make things better.  From being a school governor, volunteering for local charities that make a difference for adult social care and domestic violence, and supporting our local Credit Union.  I’ve organised, campaigned and delivered positive change throughout my life.

Beating Ben Bradley won't be easy  despite Conservative failings. As your candidate and MP, I will ensure that we will work hard to gain every single vote to win. 

I am now asking for your vote, and your faith in me, to become the Labour Member of Parliament for Mansfield. Together, we can make a real difference for our community.

Thank you.

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