"I understand the issues that impact our community and hold us back from thriving. That’s why I am committed to..."

Digital Inclusion for All

In a world in which opportunity is heavily linked to digital skills and awareness, every family and every child needs access to IT equipment and the internet. If we’re to solve poverty in the UK and in Mansfield, we must address digital exclusion. Whether it’s accessing education, the social security system, job opportunities or cheaper gas and electricity, it’s a core part of how we live and impacts us all.

Improving Access To Affordable Childcare

Mansfield families face huge challenges with the availability, affordability and quality of pre-school childcare. The time has come for a new modern childcare system to improve lives for every family in Mansfield. I will support Labour to deliver a new system, giving Mansfield children the best start in life and parents more employment choices and contributing much needed growth to our economy.

Improving Access and Dignity Around Front Line Services

I hear on a daily basis the struggle to access front line services such as GP appointments, and I will fight for investment in our NHS system to improve this. Together we must be ambitious, commit to bringing down waiting lists, improve GP access, recruit more doctors and nurses, and build a functioning integrated care service for the future.

Improve Employment Rights For Working Families

As a life long and active trade unionist I understand only too well the importance of employment rights for Mansfield workers. That’s why I am committing to supporting full rights from day one of employment, an end to fire and rehire tactics and to zero hours contracts. As your PPC and MP I will always stand by our trade unions.

Creating Higher Quality Employment Opportunities In The Area

I remember growing up in Mansfield, and the productive local economy in coal mining, engineering and textiles which provided well paid and fulfilling careers for all, but our local economy did not recover from the 1980s deindustrialisation. It’s now time for a new Labour government to take a different approach to the scale of challenge that we face. In government, I will champion Mansfield for enhanced public and private investment to create a new economy for working people, that delivers once more on prosperity and quality of life for all.
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